Nike's Information

Breed: Lab/Mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 1 Year
Can live with: Cats, Children, Dogs,
Spayed/neutered: No
Location: Cottondale, Alabama

He is a sweet dog. Belonged to my nephew and we took him in temporarily but my nephew doesn’t want him back because they just had a newborn. And I can’t care for him long-term. I could only do it temporarily. So I am looking for Nike a forever home. He has been inside and is pottie trained. He LOVES the outdoors but it upsets him to be outside at night time. One evening he was in the house gate outside on the side of the house and we were on the other side of the house working on a vehicle and it got dark and he thought we forgot about him so he started barking and crying. So we went and got him inside but he was totally upset that he thought he was gonna be outside by himself at night. So we know he doesn’t like the night hours to be outside. He is mostly indoors but lives to be outside. We have 3 fenced gated areas at our home that run the property line. He will play outside all day but he has to be inside when it rains or gets too hot or cold outside.he is well behaved and does not chew things. My biggest problem with him is our neighbors have chickens next door and he wants to chase the chickens. He doesn’t bother any other animals except for chickens. And the. Eofhbor has already called animal control on him for getting out of the fence and chasing his chickens. If we get a other call, I will be charged. He’d not my dog and I’m trying to give him the best life I can give him we have 2 acres fenced off but when the chickens come around he gets out of the fences and goes a running. I just want house him properly this way. I want him to have a good quality of life. So he is so good but he can’t control his urge to chase chickens. Otherwise I could keep him. But he’s gotten out a 2nd time now and the sheriff came by.. we are looking at charges if he gets out again so now he is crated and can’t play outside. The fences geis getting out are good fences. He even learned how to open one of the gates himself. He jumps over another gate to get out. He is like super do, lol. So we aren’t being irresponsible care takers we really are trying but hereally wants to chase chickens and does anything he has to to get out anyway he can figure out how to. So please help me find him a loving home where there are no chickens please.

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